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Dr. Jill McGowan

Below is a brief list of some of Jill’s achievements and projects involving the Buteyko breathing method.

  • Coordinating the clinical trial of the Buteyko Institute Method in Glasgow
  • Receiving the Great Scot Award 2001
  • Receiving the Pride of Britain “Carer of the Year” Award 2002
  • Establishing a Charitable Trust (The Buteyko Institute Trust) in the United Kingdom to support current and future research initiatives (established April 2001)
  • Heading up the UK team which visited New York in October 2002 to introduce the Buteyko Institute Method to Police and Fire personnel affected by respiratory problems from 11 September 2001
  • Introducing the Buteyko Institute Method to Cuba in January and May/June 2004 in conjunction with Paul O’Connell. This involved training 14 Health and Education Professionals as Buteyko Practitioners and teaching the Buteyko Method to 240 individuals for their own health.
  • Organising, hosting and presenting as a keynote speaker at the 3rd International Buteyko Conference in Glasgow, August 2005
  • Hosting the first Buteyko Schools Conference in Glasgow, April 2008
  • Teaching Buteyko Breathing in Glasgow schools in 2008-13 as part of the formal education curriculum
  • Coordinating a pilot study of Buteyko breathing for sleep apnoea in Glasgow in 2009
  • Organising and hosting a Charity Concert for the Buteyko Institute Trust headlined by Craig Armstrong OBE in May 2013


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