Once you have decided to undertake the Buteyko breathing course, please complete the Course Enrolment Form and return it by e-mail or post. The information provided – health history, medications, symptoms etc. enables us to customise the aspects of course to your individual circumstances.

By learning Buteyko Breathing, people may experience significant improvement in sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, asthma, hay fever, allergies, chemical sensitivities, sinusitis, anxiety, chronic cough, skin conditions, dry eyes, teeth grinding, jaw development (children), chronic fatigue and emphysema (COPD).

The course includes e-mail and phone support, and attendance at follow-up sessions if and as required for a further 12 months. Children under 18 are to be accompanied by an adult. There is no charge for the supporting adult.

The Buteyko course is suitable for children from age three through to adults of any age. A decrease in symptoms may often occur within the first 24 hours by attending a free introductory seminar or watching it online from the home page of this website.

At Buteyko Health & Breathing, we pride ourselves on maintaining a consistently high level of service for our clients. This includes all aspects of the Buteyko breathing experience – your initial inquiry, the timeliness of our response, the quality and relevance of the information provided, the training course itself, and the follow-up afterwards. This follow-up includes being available for contact by phone and email, and offering you the client to re-attend course sessions for up to 12 months after your course at no additional charge.

Download our course enrolment form here:

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Available one on one online by appointment