Chronology of Buteyko major events

1923 Birth of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko in Ukraine, Russia
1952 Discovery and development of Buteyko Method
1960 Presentation at First Medical Institute in Moscow
1968 Leningrad Approbation
1980 Moscow Approbation
1985 First Endorsement under Ministerial Order by Soviet Government
1990 Stalmatski introduces Buteyko Method to Australia
1994 Clinical Trial at Mater Hospital in Brisbane, Australia
1996 Formation of Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health Inc. (BIBH)
1998 Publication of Australian clinical trial results in MJA, Dec 1998
1998-9 Screening of BBC Buteyko documentary in UK & Australia
1999 Clinical trial by Victoria University and the BIBH
1999 BIBH presents to NHS hospitals in the UK
2000 Clinical trial by Gisborne Hospital, New Zealand
2000 Pilot study involving 100 people in Glasgow, Scotland
2000 1st International BIBH Conference held in Hastings NZ.
2001 Clinical trial in Glasgow of the Buteyko Institute Method begins.
2001 Launch of Buteyko Institute Trust in Glasgow, Scotland
2001 BIBH Member Jill McGowan wins the Great Scott Award.
2001 Leading Asia Pacific law firm, Allen Arthur Robinson, commences performing legal work for the BIBH on a pro bono basis.
2002 BIBH becomes an Australian Registered Body (ARB)
2002 BIBH Member Jill McGowan wins the Pride of Britain “Career of the Year” Award.
2002 2nd International BIBH Conference in Melbourne, Aust 27-29 July.
2002 BIBH endorsed by Australian Tax Office as a registered charity.
2002 BIBH members visit New York to outline benefits of Buteyko for fire and police personnel involved in September 11, 2001 disaster.
2003 On 3rd May Professor Konstantin Buteyko passes away.
2003 Glasgow Trial preliminary results presented to British Thoracic Society, abstract published in Thorax Journal of Respiratory Medicine.
2003 Results of Gisborne New Zealand Trial conducted by Dr Patrick McHugh published in New Zealand Medical Journal
2004 Buteyko Method introduced to Cuba with Government support
2004 Buteyko Trial begins in Calgary Canada
2005 First Australia television features on use of Buteyko for Sleep Apnoea
2005 3rd International Conference in Glasgow, UK, 30 Aug – 1 Sep.
2006 Buteyko Institute Method introduced to Turkey
2007 Presentation at World Asthma Conf. , Turkey, Dr Jill McGowan
2007 Presentation at PEVOC, Holland, Gerrie van de Coolwijk
2007 4th International BIBH Conference, Brisbane, Aust, 23-25 Nov
2007-8 The Buteyko Institute Method Course is formally included in a Regional School Education Curriculum in Glasgow – more info.
2008 April – The first Buteyko Schools Conference held in Glasgow, UK
2008 November – 2nd Celebrate Buteyko Public Event, Melbourne (available on You tube).
2008-9 Responding to and meeting with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) in 2009 in response to complaints made by competitors in relation to the management of sleep disorders. No action taken by the ACCC.
2009 January – Pilot Study of Buteyko for Sleep Apnoea, Glasgow, by Dr Jill McGowan.
2010 20th Anniversary of Alexander Stalmatski introducing Buteyko Method to Australia.
2010/11 Training Buteyko Practitioners in a school (a sports teacher) and a hospital (a physiotherapist) in Glasgow, UK in 2011
2010/11 BIBH survey questionnaire of members on teaching Buteyko Breathing to clients (11,000) with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
2012 20 page report incorporating the survey findings published on the BIBH website in May 2012.
2012/13 The BIBH approaches sleep specialists in Australia and overseas in with a view to participating in research into the effectiveness of Buteyko Breathing for Sleep Apnoea.
2014 The BIBH pursues ISO 9001 accreditation.
2015 Buteyko organisations now established in several countries


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