Buteyko Breathing Skype Course

You can now enrol in the online Buteyko Course via Skype! The first session (free seminar) can be done now by simply watching the video below. It is an educational Buteyko session that lets people know what we do and how different parts of our breathing courses work.

The other 4 sessions of 60-90 minutes can be done via Skype at mutually convenient times. The Skype Buteyko course includes emails and phone follow-ups, and another Skype session if needed a few weeks later. This helps ensure the best result can be delivered to each participant.

Please email info@sleepingallnight.com to arrange to undertake the Buteyko Course via Skype.

Our online breathing training courses are an ideal way for anyone around the world to learn Buteyko breathing from an experienced practitioner. You get one on one interaction and advice in the comfort of your own home. So if you want to breathe better and overcome many sleep and respiratory disorders, then contact us about our Skype Buteyko training today.


Monday 23rd JULY

11am or 6.30pm