Buteyko Videos

These video links provide examples of Buteyko Breathing in action in several countries around the world.

Buteyko Introductory Seminar

The Introductory Seminar is actually a combination of the 17 seminar segments taken from several different seminars around Australia conducted by Paul O’Connell. It also doubles as the first session of the Buteyko course. So before deciding to undertake the course people have the opportunity to learn about the history and theory of the Buteyko Breathing method, conditions for which it may be applied, an outline of the course, and be introduced to breathing strategies which can be immediately implemented for improving sleep quality and reducing symptoms.

Buteyko around the World

There are features from our work introducing the Buteyko Breathing to Cuba in 2004 with the approval of the Cuban government, teaching Buteyko Breathing as part of the school curriculum in several schools in Glasgow orchestrated by the hard work of Dr Jill McGowan over many years, conducting the Buteyko Schools Conference in Glasgow in 2008. There are also other features from the US, Turkey and New Zealand.

You can also view scenes from Buteyko Institute International conferences in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

International Conferences

Dr Jill McGowan: Award winning Buteyko Reseacher

Glasgow School Children

Celebrating 20 Years of Buteyko in Australia

Celebrate Buteyko was an event in Melbourne to update past clients on progress and development with Buteyko Breathing over the years.

Buteyko Case Studies

The case studies provide examples of real people who have benefited from Buteyko Breathing telling their personal stories.


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