Asthma can be triggered by a high pollen concentration in the event of a thunderstorm, particularly in spring and early summer.

People do not need a history of asthma or hay fever to be affected.

Clinical trials of Buteyko Breathing have shown that people with asthma breathe in excess of the normal amount of air for a healthy individual, and this may result in the intake of an excessive amount of airborne triggers including pollen.

By correcting breathing back to the physiological norm of 4-5 litres per minute for an adult (less for children), people intake less allergens and may experience a decrease in asthma symptoms.

Normal recommendations of avoiding triggers where possible like staying indoors and having a plan for the onset of symptoms, should of course be continued.

Throughout the years, Buteyko has shown to be a proven asthma relief treatment. Attend a free Buteyko Breathing seminar in person or watch it online from the home page of this website for further information. You can also request a free information pack and we are happy to answer your questions.

The Buteyko course is suitable for children from age three through to adults of any age. A decrease in symptoms may often occur within the first 24 hours by attending a free introductory seminar. Buteyko courses continue after each seminar for another 4 sessions of 90 minutes over the next 4 days.

You can also watch the free seminar (first course session) from the home page by scrolling to the bottom. This covers the history and theory of the Buteyko Breathing method, conditions for which it may be applied, an outline of the course, and breathing strategies which can be immediately implemented for improving sleep quality and reducing symptoms.

Anyone undertaking the Skype course can have someone with them to provide support such as a spouse or partner. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. There is no charge for the support person.


Available one on one online by appointment