Buteyko Practitioner Training

Paul O’Connell of Buteyko Health and Breathing has been registered as a Buteyko Practitioner Trainer by the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health since 1998 and has trained over 50 Buteyko Practitioners.


For a full copy of the Practitioner Training Prospectus (the first page of which is included here), please email your request to: paul@buteykoairways.com.au

Prospectus Table of Contents

Buteyko Health & Breathing

Practitioner Training Program

The Buteyko Institute Method of Breathing Retraining

Contents Summary:

  1. Introduction and Summary of Recent Research
  2. Professor Buteyko and the Buteyko Method
  3. A Career
  4. Buteyko Practitioner Training – The Course
  5. Training Resources and Syllabus
  6. The Course Instructor
  7. Training at Buteyko Workshops
  8. Ongoing Support and Training
  9. The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health Inc. (BIBH)

Practitioners trained by Paul O’Connell of Buteyko Health & Breathing include:

  • Mary Birch
  • Jodie Rickard
  • Alison Brooker
  • Jackie Moden
  • John Dale
  • Simon Paddon
  • Peter Fink
  • Adriana Spina
  • Brian Firth
  • Sarah Tellerman
  • John Hughes
  • Colin Thomson
  • Mair Hughes
  • Susan Laing
  • Nikki Jewel
  • Michelle Watson
  • Jan Lampariello
  • Prue Watson
  • Joanna Lazarski
  • Dmitri Feoktistov
  • Kate Milne
  • Caroline Ash
  • Dan Hanson
  • David Leafe

Paul O’Connell

Paul O’Connell suffered from asthma for over 25 years having first been diagnosed with it at the age of five in the 1960’s. After using various early medications, Paul was given Ventolin for the first time at the age of 10. Despite getting good symptomatic asthma relief the continued to get worse, resulting in two hospitalisations as a 15 year old. From there it was progression to nebulisers and oral steroids and still further deterioration.

Needless to say all the asthma and medication severely restricted Paul’s lifestyle – particularly the capacity to play sports to the expected level, and also in terms of the ability and confidence to undertake other activities. After trying many other health options over the following years with little improvement in asthma, Paul first saw Buteyko featured on a television current affairs program in Australia in early 1994. Realising what a significant breakthrough in health management Buteyko provided, Paul made contact with several major Australian health authorities, politicians and the media in regard to having Buteyko clinically trailed and introduced into Australian health care management.

Paul then decided that the best way to progress the formal introduction of the Buteyko Method in Australia was to train as a Buteyko Practitioner, teach the method, and to establish a professional organisation to provide information to the public and health professionals and organisations.

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