This free seminar is also the first session of the Buteyko Breathing course. So before deciding to undertake the course, you can learn about the history and theory of the Buteyko Breathing method, conditions for which it may be applied, an outline of the course. Most importantly, you will be introduced to breathing strategies which can be immediately implemented for improving sleep quality and reducing symptoms.

Watch the full introductory seminar below, presented by Paul O’Connell.

Buteyko Courses

The Buteyko Institute Method is taught by practitioners registered with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health (BIBH). The Buteyko course consists of 5 sessions of 90 minutes. The first course session is also offered as a free seminar, and is also available to watch above.

Buteyko course attendees are taught how to retrain their breathing to enable them to breathe correctly when sleeping, exercising, speaking, eating, and performing all daily activities.

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